Weebon raises 232,634 baht

Weeboon managed to connect people with the story of Daniel and Katia Mokshantsev, two teenagers who were hit by a bus in Pattaya.

They were in a coma and needed multiple surgeries on their brains and spines. They are 16 and 14 years old, brother and sister.

Masha Zhigunova, regional division manager at Vejthani Hospital, created a campaign to raise funds on www.weeboon.com.

The campaign reached an unprecedented demonstration of solidarity and generosity in Thailand’s history.

Tens of thousands of views, hundreds of donations in just a few days. They got considerable attention and support especially from the expat community but also from Thais and random contributors around the world.Weebon-raises

After more than a month in the hospital, Daniel and Katia were finally released on March 28. They are now able to recover at their home in Pattaya where they will follow physiotherapy treatment.

Meanwile, a total of 232,634 baht was raised from 166 persons in 28 days and, on the day of their release from the hospital, a Weeboon representative visited Vejthani Hospital to deliver the cheque to Daniel, Katia and their father.

This shows the necessity of a platform such as Weeboon in Thailand where so many similar cases are seen every day. Crowdfunding is still young in Thailand but it surely aims to become a trend in the next few years as it already is in Europe, Australia and America.

It is believed that the number of social-media users in Thailand will definitely play a major role in the crowdfunding industry development.

Weeboon.com is the first public donation-based crowdfunding platform in Thailand.

The vision at Weeboon is to become the crowdfunding platform of reference where people in need can rely on the community’s help in case of unfortunate events in life and where generous people can safely donate with trust and inpeace of mind.

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