Suspected British pedophile arrested

A 66 year old British man wanted for abusing kids, some just infants, and selling pornography on line internationally has been arrested in Thailand after many years on the run.

David Charles Taylor (pictured) is expected to be extradited to Britain where he was first arrested in 1998 before fleeing to Thailand to escape trial on 35 pedophile related charges. He was arrested in Nakorn Ratchasima by undercover police as he went to the post office to collect his mail.

He led the Thai police to his apartment where there was a stack of porn and indecent images of young children on his computer. They included Thai boys under thirteen and several other nationalities.

Taylor spent some of his time in Pattaya and police say some of his customers were European residents of the resort city. Police are examining the records produced by Taylor to see if further action on the case is warranted.

The immigration police are believed to be the main motivators of the recent spate of pedophile related arrests in Thailand.

A source at the British embassy in Bangkok said he was well pleased with the number of arrests in the past few months throughout Thailand, including Interpol warrants successfully exe-cuted.

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