Three workers plunge to death

A cradle hoisting five men up to the 68th floor of Baiyoke Tower II to install an advertising billboard yesterday suddenly split, flinging three men down to their deaths.

Two other workers survived as they managed to hang on to the sides.

“I was dangling there for more than 10 minutes before someone broke the window to pull me in,” 30-year-old Plernjit Kong-udom said. The other survivor was identified as Suvichet Inpong.

The three men killed were Kamthorn Amornwong, 33; Adiwat Srijuankitiphum, 31; and Rittichai Jamyard, 21. Their bodies were found on the 18th, 20th and 36th floors respectively.

“Rittichai was my nephew,” Plernjit said. He said none of the workers had a harness in place and had failed to check the condition of the stainless steel cradle before they started working.

“We had never thought an accident like this would happen because I have done this work so many times before,” Plernjit said, admitting he did notice a crack when he got in.

The men were working for Q Ads. Police are looking into the incident. Police are looking into the case to determine the cause of the accident.


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