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Farang deaths

It’s a fact of life that around 100 Chinese tourists die in Thailand every year.  According to the Chinese embassy in Bangkok, the main causes are accidents on land drownings at sea.  A spokesman said …

Reckless drivers

There has been a lot of publicity in recent months about driverless cars, but the practicalities are far from resolved. Fully automated cars don’t drink and drive, fall asleep at the wheel, text, talk on …

Snap Judgment

Our popular city has many things going for it: excellent restaurants and hotels, ever-improving sports facilities, family entertainment options, widespread use of English, Russian and Chinese being amongst them. City Hall in the last few …

Hitler Overkill

No dead political leader has been dragged into arguments more frequently than Third Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler who committed suicide more than 70 years ago. This is true even in Thailand.  There was an outcry …

Perils of Booze

It is, of course, possible to exaggerate the importance of alcohol when discussing road accidents or violent crime.  Many road accidents are caused by poor driving, whether caused by ignorance or intent, with everyone involved …

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