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Cat Corner Tip

Are you considering adopting a kitten from Cats for You in Pattaya or from some other rescue group? Or maybe you recently bought a new kitten from a pet shop or market. In either case, …

Don’t Ignore Ringworm

You probably are aware of family health measures, but do you know what issues are important to provide for your pet’s well-being? This Pattaya Today feature may help answer some common questions. If your pet …

Leave Your Pets At Home

Does your cat enjoy riding around Pattaya in the car with you? Do you think it’s fun to take your dog along when you run errands? All well and good when you were back home …

Did You Know?

A poll by the television show Animal Planet listed vampire bats as the third-most feared animal on the planet, right after wolves and gorillas and just ahead of piranhas.

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