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Cat Corner Tip

Cats are very social. They like it when you’re around. When left alone, they might get noisy or spray your house. What to do? Try ignoring your cat for about 15 to 20 minutes before …

De-fleaing the Scene

Fleas can be an annoyance to you and a threat to the health of your pets. They usually enter your home from outside, so leaving your pets in the yard is like putting out the …

Dog People v/s Cat People

A very casual sampling of Pattayans (Pattayanese?) reveals that most people here prefer dogs to cats. Unfortunately, pet lovers who live in condos or apartments don’t have a choice; if they want to keep a …

Cat Corner Tip

Not unlike children, cats like to have fun. Unfortunately, they often enjoy playing and romping in the middle of the night…just as you’re in deep slumber. What to do? Plan ahead. If you know your …

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