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Trio on Shell

Oyster ceviche, baked mussel with durian and cheese, seared scallop with mangosteen salad INGREDIENTS 20 grams Japanese sea scallop 1 pc Pacific oyster 40 grams greenshell mussel 120 grams mangosteen 50 grams durian, peeled 1/3 …

King and Queen Salad

INGREDIENTS 30 grams yogurt 150 grams durian meat 10 grams lemon juice 5 grams salt 5 grams pepper 1 pc Gala apple 1 pc Granny Smith apple 50 grams strawberry 100 grams mangosteen 10 grams …

Double Chili Cheeseburger

Homemade beef burger with chili tomato salsa verde, caramelised onion and pepper, pickled chili, bacon and spicy BBQ sauce INGREDIENTS 180 grams beef patties 100 grams burger buns 40 grams green chili pepper 30 grams …

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