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Muay Thai Clinch

by Rory Coughlan Muay Thai involves different techniques. It is a fighting art of contrition where strikes are exchanged by opposing practitioners. Almost all techniques used in Muay Thai involve the entire body movement, where …

Eye appeal

As we age, we are more prone to develop dark circles under our eyes. Not the temporary shadows or bags that appear after a few too many cocktails, but lingering discoloration as the skin around …

Muay Thai Punches

by Rory Coughlan When training in a the art of Muay Thai, students are taught many different techniques. One such technique is the Muay Thai punch. At a time when men did not have any …

Muay Thai Elbows

by Rory Coughlan While it may be possible to be victourious in a fight using just one technique, a Muay Thai boxer who masters the use of each of their eight weapons will definitely be …

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