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Chewy Cookie DeeLite

INGREDIENTS 30 ml espresso 180 ml milk 1 scoop cookies & cream ice cream 5 ml caramel syrup 50 grams whipped cream GARNISH cookie sprig of mint HOW TO MIX Pour espresso into a measuring …

Raspberry Twist

INGREDIENTS 3 oz Absolut Raspberri 1.5 oz crème de cacao (white) 1 oz grenadine 0.75 oz fresh lime juice 6.0 oz mango juice 0.75 oz syrup GARNISH mixed candy and gummies HOW TO MIX Put …


INGREDIENTS 45 ml Absolut Vodka 30 ml triple sec 20 ml sugar syrup 20 ml lime juice 1 whole fresh chili 6 leaves hot basil GARNISH fresh chilis hot basil leaves HOW TO MIX Pour …

Piña Sangria

INGREDIENTS 3 tsp strawberry syrup 4 oz pineapple juice                 5 oz orange juice fresh fruit cocktail a dash of soda GARNISH orange wedge cherry HOW TO MIX …

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