Foreigner tracking confusion

A decision has been made for most foreigners in Thailand compulsorily to use special SIM cards in their mobile phones.  Initially, the rule was said to apply to foreign tourists and to one year visa …

Cashless Thailand Booms

From July 15, customers at Thai banks are registering for what is known as AnyID, allowing people to use mobile phone numbers or national identification numbers to pay merchants starting in October this year.  Commercial …

Falling pound woes

European expats in Pattaya are bemoaning the recent falls in their currencies which are increasing the cost of living and even threatening their visa renewals.  The worst problems are being experienced by Brits who have …

Immigration form compulsory

The Thai Immigration Bureau has confirmed that its latest additional requirement, Foreign National Information Form, applies all over Thailand and must be filled in by farang when they apply for extensions here or make or …

Pattaya’S Cashless Future

In a determined attempt to push Thailand towards a society in which hard currency plays little or no physical part, the government has approved the banks’ investment in card acceptance through electronic data capture (EDC). …

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