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New Honda Accord Hybrid TECH (i-MMD)

Honda Accord Hybrid is Back! Now Rejuvenated – More Power, Less Fuel by John K. Lindgren Editor-in-chief, The ninth generation of Honda’s global bestselling saloon Accord is here in  two  exciting full hybrid variants (HYBRID  …

Second Generation BMW X1 18d xLine

The Small Luxury Crossover with Big SUV Presence by John K. Lindgren Editor-in-chief, When the first-generation BMW X1 was rolled out in 2009 some said it looked like a wannabe SUV. Flash forward to 2016 …

MG’s All-New Cool 5-Seat Sport SUV

The value-for-money 2.0L petrol-turbo AWD by John K. Lindgren Editor-in-chief, As we all wait for the affordable, eco-friendly reliable plug-in electric vehicles, the compact SUVs and crossovers are the fastest growing automobile segment in the …

Ford Focus 1.5 EcoBoost Turbo S

Downsized, Powered-Up, Fully Kitted and Sharp looking by John K. Lindgren Editor-in-chief, FORD has done it again, the third gen Ford Focus  compact family hatchback called C-segment in Europe and one of the most common …

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