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Mind – Body – Soul

Personal health and fitness goals should encompass whole body wellness. The problem you find when seeking training for fitness and a healthy body is that most facilities offering health benefits only comprise of one or two services.  Pattaya’s newest holistic fitness center, the 313 Training Studio (located east of Sukhumvit at 64/2 Moo 1, Nongprue Soi 1) offers a complete fitness package that assures all your body’s wellness requirements are met.imgl0009 imgl0031 imgl0049 imgl0057 imgl0151 imgl0358 imgl0596 studio1 studio2 studio4

The brand new 313 Training Studio provides comprehensive, well-rounded training regimens coupled with body rejuvenation that is unsurpassed anywhere in the Pattaya area.  At 313 Training Studio you’ll find the professional White Lotus Muay Thai and Martial Arts training as well as personal one-on-one Fitness Training that is complemented by the Smile Massage & Spa which features Finnish Saunas & Turkish Steam Rooms (including privacy for men and ladies), Hot and Cold Plunge Pools, a covered swimming pool plus a health bar all in this combined state-of-the-art facility.

Why is 313 Training Studio the best place for your wellness and fitness training?  Because once you finish your training session your body needs a normalizing period which can only be accomplished in a tranquil atmosphere – a spa where you can rejuvenate in a steam or sauna plus get a healthful, relaxing massage.  313 Training Studio features all three services under one roof.

Rory, 313 Training Studio’s professional trainer and founder of the White Lotus Muaythai Gym (assistant coach of the Irish National Team and a qualified, certified instructor whose 17 years of experience of fitness coaching, and his life time of  martial arts training including exclusive and pristine training along with being accepted into the Buddhai Swan Sword Fighting Institute of Thailand. This being with the King’s Royal Guard)   will personally guide you through first class training in Muay Thai (competition), Muay Boran (combat/self defense) and/or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu customized to your level of experience.  He also is available as a one-on-one personal trainer.

Mornings at 313 Training Studio feature structured classes.  Afternoons and weekends are “open mat” where you can train at your own pace.  Structured Classes are only B300 with two classes in the same day discounted to 500 baht. Open mat times 200 baht. Call or stop by and check on monthly promotions for training or the massages and spa.

313 Training Studio also offers body resistance TRX suspension training, cross-fit training, calisthenics, kettle-bell training (for strength and conditioning), resistance machines, free weights and body blast with more new class like Zumba and yoga.

Get proper results for your efforts.  Your precious time and the need for success are important.  Unfortunately you’ll frustrate yourself and never reach your total fitness potential by performing undisciplined exercises at a gym.  Conversely, your self-esteem and whole body wellness will rise when you sculpture and tone your way to a healthy, rejuvenated body through professionally tailored training at 313 Training Studio.

COUPLES:  At 313 Training Studio you and your lady can train your way to fitness and health together.  Want your lady to be able to defend herself?  Unlike many facilities where females only train with females, at 313 Training Studio’s martial arts gym your lady receives expert instruction in one-on-one with you so she can become comfortable fighting off a larger, stronger male adversary.  After your cool-down you’ll both enjoy a private, relaxing couple’s massage.

Don’t stress out fighting the traffic before or after a workout.  Ease into 313 Training Studio’s parking lot at 64/2 Moo 1, Nongprue Soi 1 on Pattaya’s east side and enjoy getting healthy.  Walk-ins are welcome anytime, but for Muay Thai or Fitness Training Rory suggests you book ahead by calling 038-248-079 or 095-158-9900.

For only 200 baht you can
enjoy the swimming pool and spa all day through the month of November.

By the way, 313 Training Studio’s beautiful pool area with band stage is also the perfect setting for a wedding, birthday or other special occasion accommodating up to 350 people.

Please come check out 313 Training Studio’s first class facilities today.

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