Magna Carta completes the one-stop shop

Legal-Division 20161020_162632 20161020_163009 magna-carta_edit Magna-Carta-Building(1)edit-copy Safe-Room 20161018_114800From their base on Pattaya’s South Road, Magna Carta law offices have long dominated the skyline in that part of town.  The title (The Great Charter) was shrewdly chosen and recalled the year 1215 when England’s King John was forced in a baronial revolt to accept constitutional changes which some see as the bedrock of the British judicial system.  Historians are welcome to dispute that generalization as John soon reneged on his reluctant promises, but the real point is that a revolutionary document actually received the royal seal over 800 years ago.

The entire building, close to Third Road, has now been transformed by a major refurbishment which heralds a new beginning in the company’s successful past and the promise of many new business ventures to come.  The entire six floors of the building have been thoroughly overhauled to achieve maximum usage of the available space.  Thus the ground floor now has a larger reception area with 144 safety boxes and LED advertising. The real point there is that the public is guaranteed absolute safety and security on a permanent basis.  The second floor now contains private rooms where clients can discuss their legal requirements with lawyers and experts.  The service is very comprehensive covering all aspects of Thai criminal and civil law as well as real estate transactions and valuations and a full accounting and auditing facility for businesses.

  The third floor covers Magna Carta’s legal and accountancy department, whilst the fourth and fifth floors are an i-Business Center with office spaces and co-working areas which will soon be available to rent.  The i-Business Centre is the service provider of office space or co-working space with professional assistance for all aspects of running a business.  The sixth floor is now an impressive conference room with a seating capacity for around 26 people.  Incidentally, the lift was recently completed and is now fully operational.

Magna Carta was founded on December 17, 2003 by Chalermwat Wimuktayon, known as Pico, who has a wide number of roles in addition to being the chief executive officer of the company.  He is litigation adviser to the acting mayor of Pattaya City, chairman of the Pattaya Lawyers’ Council, Region 2 committee councilor of the Lawyers Council of Thailand and a committee member of the Chonburi Immigration Bureau.  The current Magna Carta team consists of 34 lawyers, 10 accountants and foreigners to oversee and assist the growing foreign clientele.

The underlying principle behind all the changes at Magna Carta is to complete the long-established move to a one-stop-shop for a very wide public.  This is particularly true of the financial consultancy service which adds even greater value to the legal and accounting framework.  The creation of the construction and property management division, covering condominiums projects, aims to secure a completely safe environment and financial framework for all aspects of property purchase, management, leasing and selling.

Another important aspect is the advent of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) which officially began just over 12 months ago.  This massive free trade zone across Southeast Asia has yet to find its full potential as some members, for example Laos and Cambodia, are not as highly developed economically as the other members.  Thailand is well placed, because of its pivotal geographical position, to play a major role in the unfolding of the AEC.  Magna Carta, with its network of legal contacts across the region as well as the expertise of its own company professionals, is in a first-class position to offer a one-stop-shop in the AEC context for both individual and corporate clients.

Magna Carta has also established 313 Training Studio, located in Nongprue Soi 1, off Siam Country Club, which combines sauna, spa, fitness, health massage, martial arts and Muay Thai training facilities all in one place.  The atmosphere is very relaxing and the facility is already proving to be very popular amongst the various catchment groups.  In particular the Smile Sauna offers Finnish sauna and Turkish steam rooms as well as a covered swimming pool and both hot and cold plunges.  The White Lotus division offers fitness, martial arts and Muay Thai training programs covering all levels from beginners to advanced.

All these developments, which are unique collectively on the Eastern Seaboard at the present time, mean that Magna Carta is now a one-stop-shop in the true sense of the word.  The company caters for everyone seeking a professional and conscientious input across a wide range of disciplines.  Magna Carta may have a medieval name but it means the future of Pattaya.

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