Thankful Knowledge opens new school

Thankful Knowledge Learning Center (TKLC), which specializes in teaching English, Thai and German, has moved to Central Pattaya near Foodland. The center also teaches academic improvement for primary and secondary level students in major subjects such as mathematics, art and science.

The Thankful Knowledge Learning Center might not be the biggest school in the city but are the most caring when it comes to their students. The teachers treat each student as an individual.

The motto of TKLC is “Students prosperity is our priority”. And that is exactly what TKLC is all about: The progress of their students!

The well-selected team of dedicated, eligible and friendly teachers from Europe and Asia ensures the best possible modern and individually tailored teaching methods to guarantee real outcomes for each and every student.

They use up-to-date and worldwide recognized teaching material and created course plans together with the students and according to their personal needs and requests.

The Thankful Knowledge Learning Center is approved by the Ministry of Education. Call 090 124 7077 for more information or visit their website at

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