Korean fashion struts authentic style to Thailand’s online shoppers

WearYouWant adds premium Korean designer collection with stylish independent brands

martinWearYouWant, Thailand’s leading online fashion and beauty marketplace, is launching a premium, Korean fashion range in Thailand, designed and made in Korea, to satisfy the ever-growing love of Korean brands in the Kingdom. Developing a close relationship with online fashion house, Atria International Style, WearYouWant is sourcing authentic Korean brands, importing these for the Thai market from up-and-coming local Korean designers.

Just as Korean pop music has captured a huge fan base in Thailand, there is high demand for Korean fashion too. The new Korean range of cool and stylish women’s apparel, accessories, bags and shoes, is to be showcased on WearYouWant. The launch, planned for December 2016, is big news for Thailand’s online shoppers. It is also a sign of growing focus from Korea on Thailand’s rapidly developing e-commerce market; the fastest growing in Southeast Asia.cindy-yun_atria_wyw

The WearYouWant collection is unique in Thailand and has been specially curated by fashion experts to assure quality and to appeal to the country’s online fashion-buying market who are actively seeking out Korean brands. Martin Toft Sorensen, co-founder and co-CEO of WearYouWant confirms that this latest fashion collection launch is part of an ongoing strategy to understand and meet their customers’ needs and a response to the market in Korea too.

This launch follows the Last Mile Fulfilment (LMF) Korea 2016 conference in September, which Sorensen attended. The event focused on the attraction of Thailand’s solid e-commerce market and higher purchasing power for Korean brands looking to grow within Southeast Asia and succeed outside Korea’s competitive markets. Also clearly highlighted was the importance of fashion distributors in assisting Korean brands to spread out within the region and the value that this can bring to outside markets. The WearYouWant launch aims to add value to Thailand’s blossoming ecommerce market where demand is strong and expectations high.

Atria Style (www.atriastyle.com), a powerful South Korean platform that sells contemporary fashion and beauty brands all over the world, has been working closely with WearYouWant to fuel cross-border fashion and beauty relations in Thailand to build strong commerce presence between these two key retail luxury markets.

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