Pattaya Secretarial & Business Services -A One Stop, Turnkey Life Saver

Ever had to set up office or a fresh business in a new location without having the faintest idea how to go about it? Imagine the stress and the sheer headaches involved, especially in Thailand. Granted it’s not going to be quite as complex as setting up a warehouse in Russia, a process with 57 phases! But even in Thailand, it’s a long drawn out rigmarole; one that could induce a heart attack, purely from the stress-inducing complexity. But fear not, salvation is now at hand in the form of Pattaya Secretarial & Business Services – literally a one-stop, turnkey life saver. They can provide absolutely everything you could possibly desire in an office from 6 am to midnight, six days a week! Their list of services cover a whole wall; so comprehensive are they that they wouldn’t be out of place in London, New York or Hong Kong, certainly there is absolutely nothing remotely on a par in Pattaya in terms of wide-rangingness.

They also have an export-import business, so they’re ultra-experienced at dealing with any of the customs, receiving or shipping red-tape you’re likely to encounter at the docks when importing, exporting or freight-forwarding your goods. For their part, Pattaya Secretarial & Business Services export a range of canned goods, such as lychees, bamboo shoots, sweet corn, tuna, and mackerel to Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

This cornucopia of services is the brainchild of the boss, Khun Christine, who worked in office services in Bangkok, first as an employee and then successfully ran her own company along the same lines for six years before coming to Pattaya, just over a year ago; starting from home and then moving into their present offices, from where she provides the ideas and inspiration.

Pattaya Secretarial & Business Services specializes in turnkey packages, so as a foreigner, new to Thailand, they could facilitate business sales and transfers, property acquisition, work permit, and business visa acquisition, and/or set up a company for you, as well as teach your staff English and you Thai. And this applies whether you are an entrepreneur, sole proprietor, or small company with fewer than ten full-time employees.

If you’re reluctant to employ a full range of staff initially, no problem, they will provide you with sufficient highly experienced and knowledgeable temporary staff to help you operate, as many days as you wish, thus saving you the cost of having to pay National Insurance or agency fees. Their team of temp staff can, for instance, attend to phone answering, typing, research, calendar management, billing, accounts and bookkeeping, organizing travel and events, and project management.

This is the beauty of Pattaya Secretarial & Business Services, they fully appreciate the importance of the boss and that your time is too valuable to waste on mundane tasks that could be far better managed by a competent secretary or temp team, leaving you to get on with the important jobs of being creative or inspirational. 

Now we’re working here under the assumption that you wish to bring in a team of temp staff to your office, but actually you can hire office space at their business premises and benefit from their turnkey services. This, for example, could consist of ready-to-use, fully-equipped rooms to house up to 50 staff, with professional IT support, 24-hour Wi-Fi  Internet access, legal and accounting consultation, etc. – in fact, anything you could possibly need business-wise.

This would be particularly useful if you were here in Pattaya for a short period and didn’t want to go to the trouble of opening your own office, especially if it means going to exorbitant expense to buy computers and other essential office equipment. Equally, if again you don’t actually need or want to open an office, the company can send a temp team to your home.  

The full range of services offered by Pattaya Secretarial & Business Services fall under the following category areas: information; documentation; business structure and administration; sales, advertising and marketing; desktop publishing; office visits; etc. They also fully appreciate cash flow and its problems; accordingly, they have a range of easy-to-pay schemes, require no long-term contracts and you pay only for what you need, with the freedom to cancel at any time. Examples of some of these packages are Corporate Service 1 Month Bt5,000; Corporate Service 3 Months Bt10,000; Corporate Service 6 Months Bt20,000. Very competitive and ultra-convenient!

Pattaya Secretarial & Business Services has an advert in this issue, so I won’t reiterate it, but I couldn’t resist highlighting the ideal Super Secretary Package. Assuming you have a Girl-Friday who means the world to you, here’s how to safeguard her:

3 months/Monday-Friday/3 hours a day

-1 hour of English

-1 hour of Basic Thai Law, Business Management, Sales & Marketing

-1 hour of Martial Art

After which, she can attend to all your problems with aplomb, take care of herself and see off troublesome customers (just joking!).

Pay them a visit today at:

Pattaya Secretarial & Business Services

62/22 Moo 9, Nongprue, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150

Tel: 081-550 0885

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