Shell’s four new lubricants may boost sales by 50 percent

The Shell Company of Thailand Ltd. introduced a new lineup of motorcycle lubricants for automatic four-stroke engines that may help boost sales of Shell Advance products by 50 percent this year. Comprised of Shell Advance AX7 4-AT, Shell Advance AX5 4-AT and Shell Advance Scooter Gear Oil, the new lineup is formulated to optimize engine performance and keep abreast with the demand of the Thai market where the popularity of automatic motorcycles keeps growing.
Emmanuel Mignot, the company’s regional general manager for Lubricants Business, calls the Thai motorcycle market “one of the highest growth markets in this region due to agility of motorcycles and the traffic conditions in Thailand that make this type of vehicle highly popular among Thais. In 2012, the number of registered motorcycles has already surpassed 19 million units in Thailand. And while these motorcycles create a demand of 100 million litres of lubricants per annum, nearly half of them is demand for four-stroke engine motorcycles. Last year, sales of automatic motorcycles accounted for 50 percent of all new four-stroke engine motorcycle sales. As the global leader in lubricants, Shell is aware of the growth and highly prioritizes the segment of automatic motorcycles. We have therefore developed a new lineup of quality lubricants exclusively for automatic motorcycles to fully cover the demand of Thai consumers.”
In terms of distribution, Shell is extending its partnership with DKSH (Thailand) Co. Ltd. as the official distribution partner of Shell lubricants for indirect channel. Through this partnership, Shell takes advantage of DKSH’s capability to make products readily available to motorcyclists through a nationwide network of distribution channels of more than 16,000 shops, including oils and parts retailers, independent motorcycle repair shops, Shell Advance oil change centers and more than 550 Shell fuel stations.
Shell has set aside a marketing budget of 30 million baht to build consumer awareness of the new products and build the brand through a variety of media channels this year, including TV, printed publications and online media. A sales promotional campaign, Enjoy Every Ride, will be launched. This business-to-consumer promotion will be implemented as a lucky draw campaign called “Win the Ride of Your Choice with Shell Advance”. Motorcycles will be awarded from now to September.

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