Tostem showcases a full range of housing technologies at Architect Fair 2016

Tostem Thailand, a leading Japanese manufacturer of architectural products has placed strong emphasis on the Thai market for 2016 which it considers a strategic area in ASEAN. The company is launching a full range of housing technology this year, and is demonstrating its market-leading product innovations at Architect ’16, held at Impact Bangkok.

The company aims to offer more comfortable living and urban spaces with superior products that showcase intrinsic key features. Tostem products aid ease of use and offer a construction quality that meets strict Japanese standards. Earlier this year, Lixil Thailand, the distribution firm’s ASEAN headquarters and manufacturing center, officially launched products to property developers and contractors.TOSTEM1

Pittaya Techarungnirun, general manager, introduced “the Exterior series”, a brand-new product category developed exclusively for the ASEAN region at Architect 2016. He explained, “This new series started with carport, exterior fence and gate, and new wall ties which represent further improvements of our solutions offering based on current market trends and also market needs.”

Besides basic quality assurance, the new products offer easily understandable functions with operability, safety and crime-prevention features, as well as the flexibility and environmentally-friendly qualities needed for Thailand residential projects.“They represent our passion for excellence and our desire to improve both interior and exterior living spaces for our end users,” said Techarungnirun.TOSTEM2

Another new Tostem product innovation is the Lightweight Aluminum Hand-rail which allows elderly and wheelchair-bound people and children to climb stairs more easily in the home (with 50 per cent less effort). It is indicative of the company’s push to inspire comfort and happiness in daily living.

Techarungnirun highlighted that Tostem’s high performance can be recognized in various product qualities: in durability, in water tightness to prevent leakage, sound insulation, and door/window frames with air-infiltration performance; these are all areas in which Tostem products are unmatched in the marketplace in Thailand, and in the greater ASEAN region.

The company also provides consultation and technical support to assist in the installation of TOSTEM products for maximum convenience.

Products and solutions for a fast-moving and exciting ASEAN

High ceilings and large windows are popular for home designs in the ASEAN region, accentuating open and transparent atmospheres. Presently, home owners expect a spacious and airy feel, unifying the indoors and outdoors, while high rise condo dwellers can enjoy breathtaking views. In order to meet these market trends, Tostem offers a full range of products to cover both high-rise and low-rise residential markets, including:

• Low rise luxury – P7 series

• Low rise smart choice – WE Series

• Scenery views – Folding door

• High rise – WE Plus

• Innovation products – Ventilation door, Entrance door and Car port

“Since the launch of brand new products in April this year, Tostem has gained more recognition from many property developers to integrate its products into their high-end residential projects,” explained Techarungnirun.

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