Vietjet hosts Cabin Crew Recruitment Day in Bangkok

As part of an exciting Thailand-based recruitment initiative, Vietjet recently held  a cabin crew recruitment day for Thai citizens at Golden Tulip Sovereign Hotel Bangkok (Huaykwang).Vietjet's-lovely,-dynamic-and-friendly-flight-crew

Successful flight crew candidates will attend intensive Vietjet training courses and take the first step towards enjoying an attractive income and many other benefits. Thai applicants who were selected will also be able to take advantage of unlimited opportunities for promotion and career development within the team-focused Vietjet and its family of dynamic airline professionals.

Vietjet offers a superb entry into the world of global travel, along with outstanding career development pathways and the chance to excel in a demanding yet highly coveted professional industry. Competition for places is high, yet Vietjet is keen to give as many Thai applicants as possible the chance to live the dream and become cabin crew members for Vietjet, one of the region’s fastest-growing airlines.

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