Golf from Tropical Bert’s

    Tuesday The 20th April 2010:   In a desperate bid to escape from the Mobile Shower, Ice and Powder time we decided to hit Sukhumvit and head down Route 7, yes I know ‘Torture Week’ was over in Pattaya but it still continued down the Coast.

First and Second

  This was a small group as our numbers were cut into by escapees from free showers, and people marooned in Europe by ‘The Cloud’, also taking time out during this week. In fact we had not played for some time as we had taken a break from golf.

     So it was up the road to Greenwood, and what did we find?, well an empty Course. Changed and onto the Course and not only was the Course empty, but it was in great condition. So around we zoomed. They also had a ‘Special’ that was green, caddy and cart, plus a meal and a beer when we got back, all for 1500 Baht. Yes we had a bit of that. Back at Bert’s the scores were not bad!!, so the winner was Bill Knight with 36 points ahead of Steve Compton in second with 35 points and in third was Derek Brook with 33 points ahead of Peter Whitehead on countback.

 So to the near pins and with only one green hit by Peter Whitehead, yes 3 greens with no one on, we had a bit of a damp squid. So T.T.F.N..

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