Golf from Tropical Bert’s

by Derek Brook

Gez Tracy presents The Alan Bolton Golfer of the Month prize to Dick Warberg

So off to Pattana we went. These days all the courses are soaking wet, and as usual at this time of the year it is time to get out the Super Glue on the spikes. There must be a set of spikes around that do not fall apart in the rain.
Fortunately on this day, while it was pouring down in Pattaya, we got around
the golf course without it raining, although the course itself was wet and we could not use carts off the paths. The greens were not too bad though and we all managed to get around with reasonable scores
The changing rooms here are probably the best anywhere and the clubhouse is second to none, a real top line golf facility. Sitting in the restaurant the views are stunning, and it is a real treat of a day out. Well worth a visit and the food is good also, if not cheap. With the superb facilities one must expect to pay a little more, but not much, and we all enjoyed our trip out.

The winner with one of Bert's Staff

Back at Bert’s all the players were reminded that this was the end of the month and The Alan Bolton Golfer of the Month would be declared and at the beginning of the day all was open, so the results on the day were very important.
The winner on the day was Dick Warberg with 37 points with Mikito Homma in second place with 35 points and Mashi Kenata in third with 34 points. We then had a seven way countback on 32 points that saw Frank Pilkington in fourth.
With his win on the day, Dick Warbeg slid in as The Alan Bolton Property Consultants Golfer of the Month. Well done Dick.  T.T.F.N.
Near Pin      P.S. Basi   Walter Bachli   Dick Warberg   Mike O’Brien

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