Heard the One About the Tartan Army, a Brazilian and a German?

Neymar not man enough to apologise (Photo courtesy BBC.com/GETTY Images)

Germans obviously have a thing about throwing their toys out of the pram. It was not the Scots or the Brazilians who threw a banana onto the pitch at last month’s friendly – but a German watching a match that had nothing to do with him.

His childish actions did, however, create an almighty row between the Scottish and Brazilian Football Associations after young Brazilian striker Neymar accused the Tartan Army of racism. The hotshot Santos striker alleged that Scottish fans had thrown a banana at him during the friendly which Brazil won 2-0, but it transpired that it was not a disgruntled Scots fan – the banana was thrown by a German sitting among Brazilian fans! An investigation by the Metropolitan Police – yes, it did go as far as that – found that the guilty German was a student who was sitting in the Brazilian area of the stadium and that the Tartan Army was not involved

Indeed, the Tartan Army was praised for its sporting behavior throughout the entertaining friendly. Scotland has demanded an apology from either the player or the Brazilian FA, but little Neymar is not yet man enough to admit his mistake and has so far refused to issue an apology.

And as far as those childish German fans are concerned, what will they throw next at a football match apart from tantrums? First beer, then a banana, and next possibly a Barbie doll with a little black moustache!

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