Procedures for the Registration of Birth, Death, Marriage and Divorce

by Magna Carta Law Office

Notification of Birth

A birth occurring in Thailand is legally recognized under Thai Law only if it has been duly registered at the District Office. If one of the parents is not a Thai national, it is advisable to also report the birth of the child to their respective embassy, who will issue a consular report of birth abroad or a birth certificate.

For birth taking place in the house, the host or the mother (or any assignee) must notify the local registrar within 15 days of the birth. 

For birth taking place outside the house, the father or the mother or the assignee must notify the registrar of the birth district or of a district convenient to the place of birth within 15 days to 30 days of the birth. The penalty for failing to do so is up to 1,000 baht.

Documents required in making the notification of birth:

The identification card of the host, or the father, or the mother

The host’s copy of the house registration book

Same as (A) with the assignee’s identification card as another option

Notification of Death

In Thailand, any death of a foreign national or a Thai citizen must be reported to the District Office or to the police within 24 hours. 

If a foreigner dies in an apartment or a hotel, the landlord or the hotel manager will be required to report the death with the deceased’s passport and death certificate, if available. The District Office or the police will, within seven days, inform the foreigner’s embassy of the death and the embassy will, in turn, notify the next of kin as soon as possible.

If the person dies in a hospital, a death certificate will be issued by the doctor and the police will file a report. The body will be released to the family within two to three days if the cause of death is without any complications. There shall be a delay in the release of the body if the cause of death is suspicious, or a criminal act is suspected, because an autopsy will have to be performed first. When the death is confirmed, civil death certificate will be issued by the District Office.

Marriage Registration

Marriage registration in Thailand can be done in any registration office within the country. Foreigners start with affirmations from their respective embassies in Thailand confirming their citizenship and the absence of legal impediments to their getting married. The completed declaration documents will then have to be translated into Thai by an approved translation office and legalized by the Legalization Division, Department of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok.

Supporting Documents:

Valid citizen identification cards of both applicants

The host’s copy of the house registration book

Two witnesses with citizen ID cards

Birth certificate(s) or house registration book(s) of offspring (if any)

Proof of divorce registration in case either applicant has a previous registered marriage

Consent of both parents given in person if applicant is a minor (i.e. under 20 years of age)

Once registered, the marriage will be considered legal according to Thai law and will be recognized throughout the world.   

Divorce Registration

If the marriage is registered in Thailand, an uncontested divorce in Thailand can be obtained by appearing in person at the registration office, or at the embassy or consulate where the marriage has been registered.

Supporting documents:

Valid citizen identification cards of both applicants

The host’s copy of the house registration book, both copies of the marriage certificate, personal name change certificate (if any)

Two witnesses with citizen ID cards, divorce agreement

Birth certificate(s) or house registration book(s) of offspring (if any)

The divorce agreement is the settlement agreement between parties on the division of assets and on issues of child support, child custody, children’s living arrangements and visitation rights. It is recommended to settle on these important matters beforehand to ensure that there are no disagreements before going to the registration office.birth_form_sample

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