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Friday, October 22, 2021
60-year-old Jaree Chinphong, a pig butcher at Hua Hin's fresh food market, complains that her son was seriously injured more than 7 years ago when he was arrested by the Hua Hin police in 2015 for drug trafficking, but still hasn't gotten justice. She has filed a complaint with 'Mr Decha', a famous lawyer. Danthai Chinphong, or Joe, now 41 years old, was arrested by a police task force and placed in the back of a pickup truck while an investigation continued for evidence at his home in Hua Hin. Two hours later, Joe's mother was notified by the police that her...


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Pattaya News

Thai businessman in Chonburi tries to sell his kidney to pay off loan sharks

A Chonburi man who is hopelessly indebted to money usurers has despaired of selling his kidney illegally to pay off his debts. 36-year-old Thanakrit Pansingsorn,...

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya makes expats “happy” with a free Pfizer jap

Bangkok Hospital Pattaya has opened registration for free Pfizer vaccines for ex-pats, creating a new opportunity for ex-pats in Pattaya who have yet to...

Internet repairman in Nongprue makes a horribly morbid discovery of his life

An internet repairman in the Bang Lamung district of Pattaya made a morbid discovery when he was repairing internet cables late at night and...

Thirty alleged gamblers arrested in a raid on an illegal gambling hall in Pattaya

 Chonburi police yesterday arrested 30 alleged gamblers in what they described as an illegal gambling den at a Banglamung resort. Chonburi Provincial Police raided an...

Twenty people arrested in a restaurant in Pattaya for flouting Covid19 measures

A restaurant near Bali Hai pier is said to have violated the emergency decree, it was the second time that the police raided this...

The Cobra Gold exercises are expected to return to normal in 2022

The annual military exercise known as Cobra Gold is expected to return to normal size by 2022. This massive joint military training operation between Thailand...

Pattaya is ready to offer you a great holiday on the east coast of Thailand

The city council of coastal city Pattaya has planned five major events with the aim of boosting tourism, at least if foreign visitors -...

Twenty-seven people arrested at illegal karaoke in Pattaya for violation of Covid19 measures

Twenty-seven people arrested at illegal karaoke in Pattaya for violation of Covid19 measures Pattaya city police raided a karaoke parlour in South Pattaya yesterday morning,...

Foreign woman found asleep on Pattaya Second Road during curfew, allegedly robbed

An (as yet) unknown foreign woman was found drunk at a currency exchange office near the Royal Garden Plaza on Pattaya's Second Road in...

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National News

Once-celebrated Colonel Thitisan Uthanapol, aka ‘Joe Ferrari’ buried under a string of charges

The Police Crime Suppression Division plans to file charges under Section 172 of the Organic Anti-Corruption Act against the former chief of Nakhon Sawan Police Station, Colonel Thitisan Uthanapol,...

Thailand lifts mandatory quarantine for travelers from 46 countries

Thailand will allow tourists from 46 countries, including the Netherlands, without mandatory quarantine from November 1. Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha announced this. With this easing,...

Winter time in Thailand is coming, next week the cold season will start

The kingdom is expected to enter the cold season next week and the periods of cold weather will last longer, 5 to 7 days...

Thai cabinet gives green light to Flexible Plus program for Elite Card holders

At a cabinet meeting held this week, the Flexible Plus program for Thailand Privilege Card holders, also known as Elite Card, was approved to...

International News

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