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    Here at PattayaToday, we try to provide Pattaya news on a daily basis, sometimes there isn’t anything to report apart from negative news, which we feel is not what Pattaya should be promoting, for that type of news there are other outlets.

    PattayaToday wants to support Pattaya by providing uplifting Pattaya news, positive news and information makes us smile and makes us feel welcome. Pattaya news shouldn’t always be about the bad and negative that happened around Pattaya.

    If you have a story that you feel is great that people should know about, or perhaps you have something new added to your restaurant menu, maybe you’re selling something new you want people around here to know about, or maybe you know of an event that is charitable or something uplifting you want to share, reach out to us, we are happy to publish it free of charge!

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