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150 salmonella infections in Europe linked to Kinder Surprise eggs


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The European Health Service, the ECDC, has so far had 150 reports of Salmonella infections in several European countries. The outbreak is said to be related to the consumption of Kinder Surprise eggs.

The reports have been registered in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. Mainly children under the age of 10 are infected and many of them currently require hospital treatment. Salmonella has been confirmed in 119 out of 150 cases. In the other 31 cases, there is ‘probably’ salmonella contamination.

The first case dates back to December 21 last year in the United Kingdom. Chocolate manufacturer Ferrero had already discovered salmonella in a filter of two reservoirs in a factory in Arlon, Belgium, that same month. According to ECDC, production of the Kinder Surprise eggs resumed after a thorough cleanup and negative follow-up tests for Salmonella.

In the Netherlands, two infections have so far been linked to the European salmonella outbreak. The Kinder Surprise eggs were recalled last week. “We are working with retailers to ensure that these products are no longer for sale and that they are recalled,” Ferrero said.

The company says that it is currently being investigated how it is possible that dozens of people have been infected with salmonella in recent weeks. The manufacturer is also working closely with food authorities and retailers to ensure that the chocolate products are recalled. “We take food safety very seriously and regret this matter.”

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