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19 images that make all 90s kids overwhelmingly nostalgic


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1. Do you remember when it was finally your turn on the family PC?

2. And then always greeted you by this chic screen?

3. The coolest game was of course pinball:

4. Or you let off steam in Paint:

5. Or maybe you weren’t allowed to use the PC at all and instead of Paint you used this:

6. Did you watch videos on YouTube back then?

7. Or did you much rather try out the different screensavers?

8. Your sound system looked like this at the time:

9. But if you preferred to play DS, then I have a quick question: How are your Nintendogs doing?

10. Perhaps you would have preferred to play games on this one:

11. Either way: After all that work, you’ve earned one of these here.

12. These books used to be in every school library:

13. Have you ever put one of these together?

14. A cooler LEGO figure was just this ghost that glowed in the dark:

15. At school, you spent your time drilling holes in your eraser with your pencil:

16. You are still the tech pro in your family because you used to be a master * in these three cables:

17. And you still got such CDs working:

18. So … mostly at least:

19. And then you could get started! Have you always played LEGO Star Wars too?

20. Or maybe you preferred to scream into your pillow in the evening when you fell down on DoodleJump for the hundredth time:

Thanks to @nostalgiaooc for the nostalgia pictures!

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