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19 migrants from Myanmar were hidden under a tarpaulin of a pick-up truck


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A Thai driver has been arrested for the 2nd time for smuggling migrant workers. Thong Paphum police and related officials have arrested the man who smuggled illegal workers into Thailand.

In the truck, 19 migrants were hidden close to. Police Colonel Bunsongwit Hongsand of Thong Paphum Police in Kanchanaburi Province ordered Lt Col Theeraporn Vijitbankarn and related officials to search for illegal workers attempting to enter the country illegally. As a result, the workers were arrested on a country road in Thong Paphum district.

Police had received an anonymous tip that dozens of workers were planning to enter the border in Sangkhla Buri district. They were in a gray pick-up truck with a Kanchanaburi license plate. The police waited patiently, along the side of the road, for the suspected pick-up truck to pass. The driver of the pick-up was an old acquaintance, 38-year-old Khun Kriangsak Janya.

There were 11 men and 8 women in the trunk. Kriangsak admitted to picking up Myanmar suspects from Highway 323. He confessed to being hired. to bring the workers to Thong Paphum District in exchange for 2,000 baht. The illegal workers are now waiting at the police station to be deported back to their country.

Khun Kriangsak is facing charges related to helping and hiding illegal immigrants in the country, along with other related charges. Officials report that these workers will enter the country through natural passageways. Officials continue to do their utmost to prevent illegal immigrants from entering the country, especially during the Covid19 pandemic. The virus is everywhere and spreading to other people in Thailand, regardless of whether those entering the country know they are infected with Covid19 virus or not.

Kriangsak, the suspect in this case, was arrested earlier in 2019 in a similar case. In the previous case, he was found with 8 Myanmarese in Sai Yok District, Kanchanaburi Province.

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