2 dogs found dead in Pattaya, owner suspects poisoning

Two four-legged friends have been found dead in the coastal town of Pattaya, the owner of the dogs suspects they have been poisoned. The dogs, a golden Labrador about 8 months old and a pit bull about 5 months old, were found dead outside the house in the Nongprue community.

Residents discovered the dogs had foam on their mouths and were half swooning, residents also claimed they found a bag full of bluish chemicals and fresh meat nearby. The dog’s owner and local boxer, 21-year-old Nawin Pmee Khun, filed a formal complaint with the police about the matter. Nawin said that anyone who kills a dog is bad, and your news bear will immediately get behind it and should be brought to justice.

“I’ve raised both dogs since they were puppies. They never hurt or bit anyone. However, they liked to bark at strangers and protected our property and everyone in the area. Anyway, that’s no reason to harm an animal,” Nawin told a local reporter.

Another dog, owned by a different owner, was also said to have been poisoned but was rescued through a vet.

khu. Nawin and other residents claim that dogs in their neighbourhood have been poisoned before. Locals say motorcycle thieves may have killed the dogs to stop them from barking and warn owners of the theft of their motorcycles. Pattaya Police are investigating the incident.

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