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2 Palace Retainers Fired for ‘Adultery’

BANGKOK — His Majesty the King on Tuesday fired two royal retainers on the grounds of grave misconduct and “adultery.”

Ekachai Kookrasang and Makarerk Koosamrarn, both of them army lieutenant-colonels, also lost their military ranks and any royal decorations they have received from His Majesty the King, according to a statement published in the government gazette.

The statement identified Ekachai and Makarerk as retainers who oversee royal palace bedrooms. It accused the pair of unspecified “extremely evil” acts and committing adultery, without elaborating.

Apart from Ekachai and Makarerk, at least eight other palace officials are known to have lost their jobs and titles this month, including a former Royal Noble Consort to the king.


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