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3 young children have to save themselves after Dad ends up in jail and Mom takes the sprints


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Three children had to rescue after the father was put behind bars and the mother ran away, leaving the 3 behind to see how to survive.

The 3 children are 11, 8 and 7 years old and live on their own for a little over a week.

The Sanook News team reported on May 30, 2021, that they had received news from 38-year-old Thanad Ruengwong, known as Art. Art is a volunteer at Poj Tech Tung Foundation in Sing Buri Province. The volunteer stated that 3 children were found alone in a house in the capital, Sing Buri.

The urban rescue team got the call from Art and went to the house. The team found that Film 11 years old studied in class 5, friend 8 years old studied in class 2 and first 7 years old studied in class 1. All children study at Wat Sangkharachawat Temple School. When asked, it turned out that the children had been on their own for at least a week, without a drop of drinking water and a grain of rice.

The father was recently sent to prison and the mother couldn’t take it anymore and left all three of them.

Most weeping, though, was that all three children were firmly convinced that their mother would return, but as is common in Thailand, rescue teams knew this would never, ever happen

Art, 38, called some friends who cleaned the house and brought plenty of food, water and money. Friends of the Pikun Thong temple group also brought a lot of items, including clothes, snacks and more to help the children. A group called Inburi group also brought beds, mosquito nets, clothes, milk and more.

Officials from the Sing Buri Ministry of Social Development and Human Security also visited the children. They also contacted the family members who promised to take care of all 3 for the time being. Film the eldest goes to stay with his grandfather who is a monk in a temple near the house. The 2 girls are staying with other relatives for a while.

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