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50,000 Thai restaurants have already thrown in the towel

As in the rest of the world, restaurant owners in Thailand have reiterated their appeal for government support.

They criticize that, despite state programs for various industries, the restaurateurs have still not received help.

The president of the Thai restaurant association, Taniwan Koonmongkon, said the pandemic is having a huge impact on restaurants. About 50,000 restaurants have given up and another 50,000 are about to throw in the napkin.

The association wants the government to offer a rapid loan program of 300,000 to 500,000 baht for each restaurant operator, deferring the payment of VAT for six months and a 30 per cent discount on water and electricity bills.

Taniwan added that restaurant operators welcomed the prime minister’s roadmap to fully open the country to foreign tourists within 120 days, but such a plan will not help the industry if the government does not respond to restaurant owners’ demands.

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