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7 year old boy killed for being naughty

Can you imagine being killed just for being naughty, Well that happened to a young boy on Saturday 16th as he was brutally murdered by a 30-year-old man.

The killing took place in the Chang rai province where the suspect Sinchai Kasetsophaphan, aged around 30 was later arrested and taken to Wiang Chiang Rung Police Station. He then confessed that he killed the young boy as he could no longer Tolerate his mischief.

The hunt for the young boy had started after Thanachot Pangruean aged 7 went missing from his house that was just 150 meters from where the killer had lived with his brother.

The next day the boy was found dead with a garden hoe and two species of wood nearby.

The suspect had left his brothers house and returned later in the week as locals had alerted the police.

Sinchai had told the police that he had killed Thanachot Pangruean because the youngster had smashed up his toys, torn up his mattress and accidentally shot him with a catapult.

On Saturday,  Sinchai had asked the boy to come with him to shoot birds with a catapult, however, as Thanachot was very unskilled in using a catapult he accidentally shot Sinchai.

In a fit of rage, Sinchai found a garden hoe and pieces of wood nearby and used them to kill the boy.

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