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Thursday, February 2, 2023
Conor McGregor was hit by a car while cycling in his native Ireland yesterday. The 34-year-old MMA fighter shares images on social media of the bicycle accident, in which his bicycle is in the middle of the road, and his injuries. "IT GOES WELL" "I just got hit by a car from behind," the former lightweight world champion writes in a post on Instagram. The photo shows McGregor's bike lying on the ground. In a video in the same post, the driver of the car can be heard apologizing profusely. "Don't worry too much," McGrgor reassures the man. "I am fine." "THANK GOD, WRESTLING AND JUDO" The MMA fighter says in...


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Pattaya News

Russian tourists lose money from hotel safe in Pattaya

Almost identical cases of missing money stored in the safes of a hotel in Pattaya have happened to two Russian tourists Pattaya police reported two...

The Adventures of Foreigners in Thailand – Drunk and Crazy

Drunk tourists vandalize landmarks and fight with police in Thailand, a couple of stories of how not to behave in Thailand A drunken English tourist...

The criminal who shot and killed a foreigner in Pattaya is still at large

The criminal who shot and killed a foreigner in Pattaya is still at large Pattaya police have identified the suspect in the murder of a...

Elderly foreigner shot in the back in Pattaya

British pensioner shot in the back in Thailand, police consider three versions, love triangle, and road or domestic conflict In Pattaya, a 71-year-old British ex-pat...

A Foreigner had sex with a Thai Girl for Half an Hour in the Middle of the Street in Pattaya

A Foreigner had sex with a Thai Girl for Half an Hour in the Middle of the Street in Pattaya A foreign man had public...

Healthy and active family vacation in the resort of Pattaya

Despite the fact that Pattaya is one of the most popular resorts in the world, the city is known not only for its beautiful...

All the staff at Pattaya Today wish you a Merry Christmas

In this holiday season of warmth and happiness, the moderation team of Pattaya Today wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. Despite the cold snap we are...

Cableway in Pattaya – a new transport in the resort town

The Pattaya city authorities proposed to equip the embankment in the center with a network of ropeways to transport tourists Instead of the monorail and...

Census of transgender prostitutes in Pattaya

Pattaya police have counted and registered all transgender prostitutes on the beach street of the resort town All transgender persons standing along the beach street...

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National News

Uzbek woman detained with 2 kg of cocaine at Phuket airport

Uzbek national Shoira Rakmonova was arrested while trying to bring 2 kg of cocaine into Thailand through Phuket airport On January 20, 41-year-old Uzbek citizen Shoira Rakmonova was detained by...

Lifting the sunken warship HTMS Sukhothai in Thailand estimated at 100 million baht

The Royal Thai Navy will need about 100 million baht to lift the sunken HTMS Sukhothai ship from the bottom of the Gulf of...

Malaysia is looking for two bloggers from Russia who climbed the highest tower in Southeast Asia

Malaysian authorities are investigating a Russian pair of "daredevils" who climbed 118 Merdeka Tower, the world's second-tallest building Investigating the case of Russian bloggers who...

Thailand has lifted vaccination requirement for entry

Thailand is waiving the requirement for proof of vaccination against Coovid-19 when foreign tourists enter the country This was announced by the Minister of Health...

International News

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