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Monday, September 26, 2022
A $250 million apartment is up for sale in New York. However, this house is only suitable for (filthy rich) buyers without fear of heights: at 430 meters high, this is the highest apartment in the world. In Dubai, you will find the tallest building in the world, but in the Big Apple is the tallest apartment complex. Curious about what you get in New York for $250 million? Besides living in the highest apartment in the world, it also has the highest terrace and the highest private restaurant in the world. Furthermore, the apartment has 1600 m2 of living space,...


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Pattaya News

Arrest warrant issued for 3 Chinese in the death of a Russian woman in Pattaya

Police in Pattaya have now issued a warrant that has been approved by the Pattaya District court for the detention of three Chinese nationals...

Kyrgyz national crashed to her death in Pattaya

Enera Siataleyeva, 30, from Kyrgyzstan, fell from the seventh floor of a condominium in Pattaya, the day before she filed a report with the...

Panic in Pattaya, when truck overturned 35 gas bottles flew over the road

Panic in Pattaya, when truck overturned 35 gas bottles flew over the road On Monday there was a moment of panic when one of the...

Yesterday it was flooding in East Thailand again

The coastal town of Pattaya was completely inundated by heavy rain yesterday with flooding in many places, traffic congestion and much, much water damage. Yesterday...

Soi 9 of Thepprasit Road is undergoing a 3 month overhaul for a new drainage project

Pattaya Municipality is starting a new drainage project running from Soi 9 of Thepprasit Road to Jomtien Beach, closing the Soi for 120 days. Pattaya...

Foreign worker injured in explosion at a shop in Pattaya Thursday morning

Foreign worker injured in explosion at a shop in Pattaya Thursday morning A Laotian worker was injured early Thursday morning in an explosion at a...

Foreign man on Pattaya’s Walking Street beaten up for refusing to pay for his food

Early Thursday morning, around 4:30 a.m., there was a commotion in Pattaya's walking street when several Thai men appeared to be beating up a...

The fire at the Mountain B-nightclub in eastern Thailand has claimed the 22nd fatality

The latest fatality from the 'Mountain B' fire incident was confirmed, Sunday, Aug. 28, as that of a 30-year-old Thai woman. The deceased, whose full...

What has changed in Pattaya since the Covid 19 virus wreaked havoc in Thailand

Have you not been to Thailand since before the Covid19 pandemic, say before March 2020! This article is aimed at visitors and tourists, not seasoned...

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National News

Thailand’s tourist police chief is committed to protecting Thailand’s image

The head of Thailand's tourist police is tired of Thailand's image being ruined by taxi drivers who constantly refuse to enforce tourist fares. He has asked the tourists to inform...

Went to Thailand for work and was taken prisoner

In Thailand, foreigners who have come to the kingdom to work are recruited as cyber-serfs and taken into labour captivity The other day we wrote...

Thailand weather expert warns Bangkok’s worst rain is yet to come

Thailand weather expert warns Bangkok's worst rain is yet to come A meteorologist at the School of Environmental Development Administration of the National Institute of...

The Kanchanaburi skywalk over the Kwai River in Central Thailand opened and closed within a day

After only one day of opening, the skywalk over the River Kwai is already closed. It seems that having a glass bottom allows for spectacular...

International News

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