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A German man may be the fifth confirmed case of monkey pox in Thailand

The study results are pending the test of what could be the fifth person in Thailand confirmed with monkeypox, this time a different German man, on the island of Koh Chang. As in the first case, when a Nigerian man fled the country before being caught in Cambodia, this man also tried to escape when asked to undergo a monkeypox test.

The man stayed on Koh Chang in eastern Trat province before being taken to a private hospital in the main district on Friday after experiencing symptoms. He had a rash on his genitals and hands, similar to what a patient with monkeypox would have, the director of the hospital in Trat said.

When doctors suggested a monkeypox test on Friday, the man resisted and did not want to cooperate under any circumstances, in fact………..he ran and fled the hospital.

The hospital immediately called the police and warned them of a possible case of monkeypox that had fled.

Police are now searching town and country for the man, as refusing to submit to the mandatory test violates Thai laws against contagious diseases.

The details of his arrival in Thailand have not yet been confirmed, but local disease control authorities have since determined that he entered Thailand from France, although the exact date is unclear. He was eventually found in Koh Chang and taken into custody before being transferred to the hospital in Trat where he would be observed in isolation.

Now he has been tested for monkeypox and his blood sample has been sent to Bangkok, where doctors at King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital are analyzing it to confirm whether the man has monkeypox or not.

If positive, the man would be the fifth confirmed case of monkeypox in Thailand after a local woman in Bangkok tested positive on Friday. The third confirmed infection was also a German man, a 25-year-old tourist in Phuket who arrived in Thailand on July 18 and later developed a rash, fever, blisters on his body, swollen lymph nodes and genital rash. Thai health authorities believe the German man contracted monkeypox shortly before traveling to Thailand, and not in the Thai kingdom.

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