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A Krispy Kreme Employee Attempted To Bribe The Police Arresting Him … With Donuts

A Maryland man has been charged with attempting to bribe a public employee, the rederick News-Post reports. Matthew Tyler Rosenberg, 25, not only offered the officers arresting him last week money to let him go, but he also promised them boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts as he was telling them he was an employee of the chain.

The Frederick Police Department told the paper Rosenberg and another unidentified man had been approached by a detective after they were spotted peeking into parked cars on the street late at night. The authorities believed the men intended to break into the cars and steal from them.

It was only after Rosenberg was arrested (and found to have a small bag of marijuana and an air pistol on him) that he began offering the police donuts. Rosenberg reportedly made the same offer repeatedly, leading officers to, at first, believe he was poking fun at them.

When he kept repeating himself, though “I [began to] believe that he was serious,” Sergeant Jonathan Shatlock told the paper. “He also offered another officer money to let him go free.”

Rosenberg was ultimately released after signing a written promise to appear in court and Krispy Kreme has yet to issue a statement. They’re likely looking for a new employee, though.

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