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Abolition of covid restrictions in Thailand – what is allowed in the kingdom


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Thailand’s health minister has announced the lifting of most of the restrictions and controls imposed in the country because of Covid-19. A full-scale resumption of business activity is expected

The Covid-19 Situation Centre in Thailand will lift almost all restrictions imposed because of Covid-19 across the country. This means a near full resumption of business and other activities, including the operation of entertainment venues, the Bangkok Post reported, citing a statement from the Ministry of Health.

Thai Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul said he was waiting for the Situation Centre to announce the implementation of Covid-19 “green zones” across the country on Friday, as well as the announcement of the start date for lifting the restrictions. Entertainment establishments will be able to reopen in the green zones. Restrictions on public events or the use of school buildings and sports facilities will be completely lifted.

As of June 1, 14 Green Zone provinces and 17 Blue Zone provinces will allow businesses and commercial activities, including entertainment establishments and massage parlours, without restrictions to support tourism.

Forty-six other provinces are categorized as ‘yellow zones’, where the number of people at public events is limited to 1,000. Restrictions on entertainment venues and massage parlors remain in place. Measures have also been taken to control the spread of viral diseases in schools and spectators in indoor stadiums are limited to 75% of seats.

There are no restrictions in outdoor stadiums and theatres are allowed to operate normally across the country.

Disease control measures have also been implemented in entertainment venues since June 1. For example, staff singers and musicians must be fully inoculated and undergo weekly antigen tests. People must not share drinking glasses and alcohol advertising is prohibited.

Regarding the use of anti-viral masks, the health ministry will not announce a complete stop to the use of face masks this Friday, Anutin said, adding that officials will consider waiving the requirement in certain areas.

On the proposal to extend the opening hours of entertainment venues after midnight, the minister assured that the situation room would look into the matter.

The health ministry will propose to the Situation Centre on Friday to introduce “green zones” across the country, and in practice, there will be no restrictions on businesses and other activities, said the director-general of the Department of Disease Control, Dr. Opas Karnkawinpong. Health authorities have no concerns about the operation of pubs, bars, and karaoke clubs. According to the doctor, the number of severe cases of Covid-19 dependent on ventilators has dropped to 200-300 cases.

Regarding the use of masks, Dr Opas observed that the Ministry of Health had never arrested anyone who did not wear a mask. The Ministry of Health only advised people to wear masks as long as they could do so, he said. The Ministry of Health recommends that masks should be removed during meals when the person is alone or at a sufficient distance from other people, and outdoors or in well-ventilated rooms, Dr. Opas explained.

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