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Airline Crew Duct-Tapes Passenger To Seat After He Punched Crew & Groped Women in Flight

A 22-year-old American was taped to his seat during a flight with duct tape last weekend after he seriously misbehaved. The man was arrested on arrival.

The flight was last Saturday between the American cities of Philadelphia and Miami. According to a police report, 22-year-old Maxwell Berry is said to have touched the breasts of some flight attendants. When confronted, Berry reacted aggressively and hit a crew member.

The crew managed to restrain him with the help of other passengers and decided to tape the man to a seat with duct tape. Another passenger filmed the incident.

The video shows the man screaming for help while being taped. His mouth is then taped shut. You can hear people onboard cheering and laughing at the action.

Berry was arrested in Miami and is suspected of assault, among other things. The crew members of the US airline Frontier have been sent on paid leave, the company said in a statement to CBS news channel. In an earlier statement, Frontier wrote that the crew members had been suspended.

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