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Alcohol controls in Bangkok are becoming more transparent


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Alcohol controls in Bangkok are becoming more transparent

The city police will continue their alcohol checks in the streets of the capital from April 1. They must be transparent to all road users. The new police commissioner, who took office in September last year, General Suwat Chaengyodsuk, stopped the alcohol checks immediately.

He announced a new transparency.

Checkpoints should be established in high accident areas. The notice must be clear and must be named the Chief of Police of the police station concerned, as well as the Chief Constable responsible for the checkpoint.

All attendees must appear in full uniform, including volunteers. The announcement should also state how many days the checkpoints will be in operation, such as 7, 15, or a full month.

Thai critics reject this proposed method because they believe that the new transparency means that everyone knows when and where the police check vehicles. Drunk people would just avoid these places.

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