Alcohol on the beach ends with the arrest of nine people in Bang Saray

Alcohol on the beach ends with the arrest of nine people in Bang Saray

As the Sattahip authorities previously announced, yet again people have been arrested this week for drinking alcohol on the beach, violating Covid19 regulations. 

The mayor of Sattahip, Chaiwat Inanong, accompanied by senior officials of the relevant authorities, was present on the beach with officers from the Sattahip Police Station and caught nine people consuming alcoholic beverages. The miscreants were arrested for possessing alcohol as well as violating other Covid19 regulations such as not wearing a face mask and observing social distancing.

The mayor of Sattahip told the press: “Even though the number of Covid-19 infections in Sattahip has decreased, we must continue to prevent the virus from spreading. Gatherings, parties and social gatherings related to alcohol are strictly prohibited as it helps people lose their inhibitions and forget about distancing rules, nose and mouth protection and other disease control measures that help prevent the spread of the virus.”

I would like to remind you that the use and possession of alcohol is also prohibited on the beaches of Pattaya and in all public parks in the city. The sanctions are not sickening and can be as much as 70,000 baht, as some readers of Olleke Bolleke have experienced.

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