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Alec Baldwin says he “didn’t pull the trigger” in fatal “Rust” movie set shooting


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Actor Alec Baldwin has given an interview for the first time about the fatal shooting incident that took place on a film set in late October. The 43-year-old camerawoman Halyna Hutchins was killed. In a conversation with ABC News, Baldwin gives more details and says, among other things, that he does not feel responsible. “Someone is responsible for what happened, I don’t know who, but it’s not me. If I had the idea that I was, I might have ended my life.”

Hutchins was shot by Baldwin on the set of the western film Rust after real bullets were found in the firearm instead of blanks. Director Joel Souza was injured. Baldwin says he didn’t know the gun was loaded and was assured he was handed an empty gun. He also says he did not pull the trigger. “I let go of the hammer of the gun and then all of a sudden the gun went off.”

When Hutchins fell, Baldwin initially thought she had passed out. “The idea that someone had put a bullet in the gun wasn’t even an option.” It wasn’t until hours later at the police station that he learned what had actually happened. According to him, how the bullets got into the weapon and who did it must be thoroughly investigated. “Who brought bullets to the set?!”

Baldwin has been criticized a lot. Many people say that under no circumstances should you point a weapon at someone and several actors, including George Clooney, indicate that they check the weapon themselves at all times. Baldwin responds by saying that he has just been taught that you should leave that to the weapons expert on set. “I did exactly what I’ve done every other day. The actor’s responsibility is to do what the weapons expert tells you to do.”

Baldwin indicates that the incident had a major emotional impact on him, although he says he does not want to present himself as a victim. “I’m constantly dreaming about it. I wake up startled by the sound of shots. I see the images in front of me and lie awake all night. I haven’t slept in weeks.” He doubts whether he will ever make films again, but under no circumstances will he ever touch a weapon again.

The police investigation into the fatal incident is still ongoing. Several charges are pending against Baldwin and other members of the team, including Gutierrez Reed, the person responsible for the weapons on the set. She also says she does not know how the bullets got into the gun. According to her lawyer, the weapon may have been tampered with.

Scriptwriter Mamie Mitchell is one of the accusers. “Alec Baldwin deliberately fired the loaded gun for no valid reason or excuse. Even though the upcoming scene didn’t ask for it.” Baldwin himself does not think he will be prosecuted, on the basis of “knowledgeable people.”

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