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Andrew Tate and Jake Paul in Boxing Fight Negotiations

Jake Paul has shared a video of a first staredown with former kick boxer and influencer Andrew Tate on Twitter. The two are said to be in negotiations about a possible boxing fight.

“Negotiations”, writes Jake in the video of him face-to-face with Andrew Tate. Jake Paul recently beat 47-year-old UFC legend Anderson Silva and has now won 5 games in a row. Tate was a professional kickboxer a few years ago. In total, he won 43 fights and lost 9 matches. He also became world champion kickboxing several times with various organizations.

Previously it looked like Tate would take on Jake’s brother Logan Paul, but Tate said it would be too easy a fight and Logan would have to stop steroids first.

Tate has become a controversial figure with his statements. His accounts have since been removed from all social media platforms due to problematic statements. Several of his comments went viral in which he spreads harmful ideas such as toxic masculinity, misogyny and homophobia.

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