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Scare Off Those Annoying House Spiders This Summer With This Plant

House Spiders: No one likes spiders in their house especially the big ones. And with summer soon approaching, now is a great time to prepare yourself with the essential items to keep those creepy things out of your house. With this simple and lovely plant, the spiders will be a thing of the past. Watch our video and see how! 

How To Get Rid Of Spiders

All you need is a fresh lavender plant in your home and the spiders will start to vanish. Lavender is a popular plant that has been used for many centuries for cosmetics and aromatherapy purposes.

However, not many people know that the smell of lavender also helps deter unwanted mosquitoes, flies, and spiders. Why? The smell is way too strong for these tiny insects to bare. If you don’t have a fresh lavender plant then you can also use essential oils. Squeeze 3-4 drops of oil onto a cotton ball and place it around the house where spiders thrive.

This is tip is guaranteed to keep those pesky spiders out of your home this summer. Give it a try and see for yourself.

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