Archive – This is how to handle a railway crossing

Archive – This is how to handle a railway crossing

This is the heart-stopping moment a driver stuck on a level crossing battles to free his car before a train smashes into it.

Pitak Tabsuk, 35, was traveling home after harvesting sugar cane and loading it into the back of his pickup truck in Nakhon Pathom, central Thailand on Wednesday (January 23) night.

But while crossing the tracks and with the added weight of the crops, the rear left wheel was jammed in a gap.

The frantic farmer leapt form his car and phoned for help – with passing drivers ignoring his struggle to free the car.

Several cyclists eventually stopped to help but with the warning lights flashing and the barriers coming down, they faced a race against an oncoming train.

CCTV footage shows how Pitak thrashed the engine causing clouds of exhaust fumes as locals waved at the train to stop.

However, realizing the car was doomed, Pitak jumped from the seat and took cover on the roadside.

Moments later the burgundy passenger train with hundreds of people onboard comes thundering along and smashes the car in two.

The tow truck arrived about 60 seconds later but it was too late. Pitak said: “I always drive over this level crossing but this time the back wheel was stuck in a gap between the tracks and the ground.

” I called the tow truck right away and tried to get people to help me push it while waiting for the truck but it was too late. “ I’m devastated that my car has been destroyed but I’m also thankful that I’m alive and nobody was hurt. ”

Police Colonel Sarawut Sutthiwichai said he was relieved that no one was injured.

He said that officers will investigate the cause of the incident and make repairs to the crossing. He said:

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