Arrest warrant issued for 3 Chinese in the death of a Russian woman in Pattaya

Police in Pattaya have now issued a warrant that has been approved by the Pattaya District court for the detention of three Chinese nationals after the death of a Russian woman in Pattaya on September 16th, police have said.

General Thitawat Suriyachai, Commander of Cybercrime Investigation Division 4, in his capacity as deputy. chief of a police team investigating cases of sexual abuse against children and women, identified the three as Nin Wai Siu, 48, a Hong Kong Chinese man and two Chinese women – Song Qianli, 32, and Rou Li, 27. The three are wanted for alleged human trafficking and other related matters.

After a recent inverstgation, the three arrest warrents had been sent out and the police had also arrested a 45 year old Chinese man that was wanted for questioning in connection with the case.

It was reported that police was investigating the case after Mrs Anara Seitaleva, 30, had fallen from the seventh floor of residence Royal Hill on Thappraya Road in Jomtien. It was reported that Mrs Seitaleva had commited suicide.

Reports claim that three days earlier, September 13th, that Mrs Seitaleva had filed a complaint with Pattaya police that a Chinese couple had approached her for some work in Pattaya and was also promised 20,000 baht a month for a tourism related job.

Mrs Seitaleva had arrived in Thailand on the 15th, September and had been met at BKK airport by a Chinese man. The Chinese man had then taken Mrs Seitaleva to Chaing Rai and then to Laos through the immagration checkpoint in Chiang Saen district.

Once in Laos, the Chinese man had then taken her passport and forced Mrs Seitaleva for a call center gang. After she could not handle the work she was then forced into prostitution. Mrs Seitaleva has reported that the Chinese man had filmed her having sex with clients and then had been blackmailed.

The Chinese man had then taken Mrs Seitaleva back to Thailoand on July the 27th where they returned to Bangkok and again was made to sell her body for sex. Mrs Seitaleva had then managed to escape her prison on September the 11th and took a taxi to Pattaya where she managed to get help from a German man and stayed with him at his condominium.

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