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Asok BTS Pickpocket thief and Indonesian Skimmer Couple arrested.

The Tourist Police reported the arrest of Kasem Masan Jantaro 44 years old on 16 October 2019. The suspect had pickpocketed foreigners using the Bangkok Skytrain, he was reported and arrested with all the evidence pointing in his wrong. He was arrested at the Asok BTS Station with evidence in his pocket being 4,600 THB in cash and 4 credit cards that he managed to get from tourists visiting Thailand.

The police were notified from the Skytrain Security Team of a pickpocket thief going around the station pickpocketing tourists. The victims described him as a middle-aged man who was thin with pale skin and was wearing a white shirt. The police found him as he tried to run away from the scene. His criminal record shows that Kasem was prosecuted for drug charges in 2015 and robbery charges during the night in 2016.

Kasem stated that this is his first time pickpocketing tourists. He needed more money to look after his family. Kasem normally works as a food seller in the Huay Kwang market, but business was slow.

The next case is the arrest of an Indonesian skimmer gang. Alexander Eddilias 32 years old and Estie Rusdiana 33 years old from Indonesia were arrested under the charges on possession of fake credit cards, possession of someone else’s credit card, and possession of skimming devices to steal and use information from someone else’s credit cards.

Credit: Khaosod
Credit: Khaosod

The police were notified from several banks that there have been purchases made using fake credit cards. Investigation revealed that the suspect is staying in a room around the Pratunam area in Bangkok. Officials arrested the suspects in their room and found evidence being 1 computer, 1 skimmer machine, 22 fake credit cards, 2 credit cards that did not belong to the suspects, and 24 credit card receipts.

The suspects stated that they purchased information from the Dark Web. They then used the data and stored it in the magnetic stripe on the fake credit cards. The couple would go shopping in big busy malls in hopes of not attracting any unwanted attention. Their actions have caused approximately 2 Million THB in damages.

FB Caption: The police were notified from several banks that there have been purchases made using fake credit cards, damages exceed 2 Million THB.

Source: Khaosod


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