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Australian man (77) killed by his own kangaroo


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Australian man (77) killed by his own kangaroo

In the Australian state of Western Australia, a man (77) was killed last Sunday by a kangaroo he probably kept as a pet. This is reported by the Australian news channel Nine News.

The man, named Peter Eades, lived in a remote area in the Redmond community. A relative who came to visit him found him seriously injured in his home. The local authorities were then called in.

When the emergency services finally arrived at Eades’ home, they were initially unable to get to him because they were still bothered by the kangaroo. The animal was therefore shot on the spot. Once they arrived at the man, paramedics tried to help but were unsuccessful. Eades died at his home from his injuries.

The police suspect that the kangaroo was a wild animal that the man had in the house for reasons that are unclear. In Australia, it is illegal to keep a kangaroo in the house everywhere except in the state of Victoria. It is rare for animals to attack humans. According to Nine News, the last attack took place nearly 90 years ago.

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