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Australian who allegedly pretended to want an apartment here dives over the balcony from the 17th floor in Pattaya

An Australian man allegedly pretending to rent an apartment in Jomtien suddenly plunged from the 17th floor over the balustrade to his death.

The incident in which an office worker at the condominium managed to tell the nitty-gritty what transpired yesterday morning when an Australian man allegedly coming to see a rental apartment suddenly climbed over the balustrade and dove to his death.

The condominium was located on Pattaya Second Road in Nongprue Neighborhood Municipality, but the name of the condominium was not disclosed due to an ongoing investigation. The man was found dead near the hotel with several broken bones and a serious stomach injury. He was wearing a gray shirt and blue shorts, he had only 10 baht on him, while his luggage and passport were found in the room on the 17th floor.

The 41-year-old Australian man, whose name was withheld by police allegedly walked into the condominium to rent an apartment, the office worker said. However, while checking his room on the 17th floor, the man simply climbed over the balustrade and was gone in an instant.

The reason for his suicide is still unknown, meanwhile, the police said they would inform the man’s family and the Australian embassy of his death.

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