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A police spokesman on Thursday said five teen boys accused of gang-raping a 12-year-old girl in Saraburi province are being held in detention while an investigation is underway.

Col. Kritsana Pattanacharoen said investigators are now waiting for the full results of the victim’s physical examination, while the accused – all minors – have been charged and will undergo further questioning under the supervision of child protection agents.

The case blew up Tuesday after a top local official was caught on tape disparaging the young accuser publicly and pressuring her to drop the matter. Local administration president Sangwan Sitthipanya was forced to resign under pressure.

Saraburi City police said yesterday that the provincial juvenile court had denied the teens bail and ordered them held at a local juvenile facility.

Kritsana promised justice in both the gang-rape case and a count of assault against the girl’s father, who allegedly beat up some of the accused teens and their parents in anger.

Tawatchai Thaikyo, a deputy permanent secretary in the Justice Ministry, said Wednesday that local prosecutors have informed the victim’s family of their legal rights. He said the ministry and other related government agencies would provide full support to the girl, including possible relocation and mental health care.

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