A Bangkok seller has been arrested for possessing and offering sex toys for sale

Thaweesak, a 28-year-old salesman from Bangkok, has been arrested after police received a tip that he was in possession of sex toys.

After obtaining a search warrant from the Phra Khanong Criminal Court, detectives raided the suspect’s home and seized 169 items.

The suspect has since confessed to having owned the pampering items and sold them online to nearby male customers.

Police warn the public buying sex toys that sex toys are illegal in Thailand, as the lack of a medical license means their safety cannot be guaranteed.

It is not described what the possible dangers maybe, but they did say:

“Anyone who uses them can damage their own vital organ.”

The specific charges related to sex toys state (translated from Thai):

Trade or is involved in or is involved in the trade of such obscene material or thing that distributes or shows off to the public or the rental of such objects or things under Section 287(2) of the Criminal Code and advertising that is dishonest to consumers or potentially use harmful messages to society as a whole under the Consumer Protection Act 1979, Section 22(3)

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