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Bangkokians respond to Bangkok Governors advice to ditch private cars.


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The Bangkok Governor posted on his personal Facebook page a status asking Bangkokians to help tackle Bangkok’s pollution problem that is at crisis levels in certain areas by using public transportation instead of their personal vehicles.

The backlash fired almost instantly from Bangkokians who saw the Bangkok Governor’s status. A popular comment made was, in fact, a question aimed back to the Governor, this is to challenge him to stop using his private cars and perhaps travel to work by the public transportation system in Bangkok without cars from his team opening up special routes and blocking other cars off, this in itself would help lessen the Bangkok traffic.

Using public transportation will give the Governor an idea of how efficient the system is in Bangkok and why many still choose to travel by private cars although it seems to be many options available such as the BTS, MRT, bus, vans, Win motorbikes, and more. There must be some major issues to the system if there are so many options to choose from but Bangkokians still choose to use and purchase private cars that are much higher priced than Western countries.

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